The Health Risk Assessment Company

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What We can do for You

Health Risk Screening

We provide health risk screening in-house or at a venue of our clientel's choice.

This will enable you to identify the silent killers, ask medical related questions, ensure that you are truly healthy and at minimal risk for common hidden or asymptomatic conditions. For companies, this will safeguard them from legal implications of work related illnesses and will give their staff a sense of the caring attitude they have for them. The report we will provide thereafter will be to the individual as well as to the company in such a case, specifying ways of ensuring the maintainance of good health.

Packages offered

Preventive means and measures

We engage in a number of activities to ensure that there is prevention of specific conditions that may occur due to common hazards in our environment.

This service includes health education and health talks, it includes provision of preventive means such as vaccination and handling of situations such as exposures during outbreaks od ebola, dengue, measles etc. that are getting quite sommon

It also includes measures such as testing of water souces used by our clientel for contamination during outbreaks or got general checking reasons.

Health Support

We also are willing to give medical advice, explanation on conditions and an explaination of medical treatments for conditions faced according to the most recent guidelines and research discovered at an international level.

As part of this service we will introduce you to your own personal physician who will thereafter be available for emergency advice even on cell phone to enable you to feel safe in terms of your health wherever you may be.

This equips our clientel to ensure that are receiving correct and up to date medical treatments wherever and whenever they may require it.


'This service is one that has helped me to diagnose that I have high blood pressure, and even assisted me to make an early diagnosis when I had a heart attack...they have saved me life!' - ( MD- N . O . H)