The Health Risk Assessment Company

So that you see it coming!!


Imagine a city where the greatest cause of deaths in the population is car accidents, and the occurrence is one in every 3-5 minutes...

Would you not advise a car that can sense and prevent accidents to be bought by the all members of that population?

Well here we in Africa. Malaria and infectious diseases are causing a mortality of one under 5 year old child every 3-5 minutes. Our elders and even youths are seeing an increase in prevalence of Diabetes, Hypertension, and  worst of all cancers, that are all being detected too late to intervene.

If we don't wait for an accident to happen before buying the cars that can help prevent accidents, why shouldn't we invest some of our resources into preventing an impending danger for our own bodies???

We could be the richest people on earth...but without sound health the riches would mean very little.

This is the basis for the formation of the H R A. We are here to act as the sensors of health risks and inform you in advance so that you can prevent the accidents form happening rather than wait for them to happen before making an intervention.

We aim to reduce medical costs, and prevent irreversible medical conditions of the Kenyan population so that we can eventually have accessible, affordable health care for all. 

We do this through means that you may explore within our services page. All services are provided at an individual as well as a corporate level and we hope to be able to reach our objectives within Nairobi by the end of 2021, when we will be commemorating our 10 year anniversary.

Join us in the effort to have a healthier Kenya....Become a member now and enjoy numerous benefits.